Air Force Special Duty Assignments

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"Making Marines, training Marines, guarding our embassies and protecting the nuclear stockpile, these are fundamental Title 10 [U. Eligible Marines who step up will be given assignment preference once the normal selection process begins in January, according to Col.

"Because of that, the promotion opportunities for those that are either currently serving or have served in special duty assignments, those Marines get promoted at a faster rate than their peers do not." "After a period of some twelve years of combat operations, we have an entire generation of Marines who are not familiar with special duty assignments, who do not understand or consider special duty assignments as a necessary component of what we would consider to be a successful career." This means a greater emphasis on getting the right Marines in the right positions, and this year manpower officials are trying something new.

(Photo by John Ingle) Commanders will now receive seven-day advance notification of assignments for their Airmen as the Air Force’s Personnel Center takes steps toward a more transparent and interactive assignment system. David Goldfein’s “Revitalizing Squadrons” effort, ensuring commanders are aware of assignments given to their Airmen.

As an enhancement to AFPC’s virtual assignment notification process, all assignments for enlisted Airmen in the ranks of senior master sergeant and below and officers, lieutenant colonel and below, now go to unit commanders through their Military Personnel Flights seven days before the official notification to Airmen.

I'm interested but obviously my supervisor doesn't care to help me, even if I do need to wait a bit....

These Airmen experienced personal sacrifices well above their peers in other special duties and their direction was critical to molding and sustaining our future force. I told him what I wanted to do and he told me to do it, that my lock code could get waived and he'd even write me a letter of recommendation if I wanted one.That said, what are the new rules and process for all of this?I'm going to school for Buisness Management and fully intend to stay in my 20.That being said, I recently asked my supervisor about volunteering for special duties.For example, if an Airman’s initial assignment is a remote tour (dependent-restricted tour) and is approved for a follow-on assignment, the virtual notification for the follow-on assignment will go directly to the Airman via v MPF notification on the selection date.For more information on the advance notification process, visit the active duty enlisted or officer Assignments pages on my Pers from a CAC-enabled computer.SDAs give Marines experience outside their MOS at the heart of the Corps' mission: bringing fresh bodies into the fold as a recruiter, forging them into new Marines as a drill instructor, wading through the muck as a combat instructor to teach them the skills they'll need to stay alive, keeping watch as a Marine security guard over America's embassies in distant lands, or deploying at a moment's notice to engage the enemy with your anti-terrorism security team as a security forces security guard. In August, M&RA announced a voluntary submission period for Marines to put in for an SDA by Dec.These are some of the Corps' most demanding jobs, ones that will define the rest of Marines' careers. 15, d etailed in Marine administrative message 415/16.Hello everyone, Just curious to see if anyone has more concrete answers than what I'm receiving here. I'm a flightline maintainer, have been to 3 bases, worked 3 platforms, and have never not been on the line the last 8 years (not even tool room).As you can imagine, it gets tiresome, and while I PCSed almost 2 years ago I've been trying to find some way to improve myself, my career, and myself, while staying in.


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