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Remember that the AP US History exam tests you on the depth of your knowledge, not just your ability to recall facts.

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Furthermore, one must understand how the government responded to changes in the economy.

- Philosophy, religion, art, scientific achievement, and literature shape individuals and society.

Maybe it's about a topic that you like more or maybe it's a topic about what you feel like you can give more information, but in these cases always play to your strengths.

So out of the two prompts that I was given there was one about whether the American Revolution was actually revolutionary, and then there was this question about whether the New Deal was actually new or whether it was more conservative in nature.

The format of the AP US History exam changed in the 2014-15 school year.

The new test features more document analysis, and the connection of themes throughout United States History.- Economic exchange and interactions regarding agriculture, manufacturing, trade, as well as the impact of technological innovation.This theme includes the issue of labor systems, and the rights of workers.There are two sections, which include four separate tasks you need to address.Unlike the SAT Subject Test, there are only four choices, and the questions are based on documents. See the document style multiple choice within each chapter of No Bull Review.So unlike the DBQ where you're analyzing documents and looking at just what's in front of you, here you're really using your own background understanding of U. history and also bringing up specific details to help you make an argument.So on this section of the exam you're gonna have the option to choose between two different essay prompts and you can choose which of them you want to write about. And of course, I recommend writing about the one where you feel most confident.These require brief written answers, not in full essay format.The following pages contain 20 examples of this type of question.Now this is the last essay that you'll be writing on the AP exam, and you get 35 minutes to do it, which is considerably shorter than the DBQ section, but the nice part about this is that you don't have so spend so much time looking at all of those primary documents.The more challenging part, however, is that it's drawing on your own personal knowledge of the subject matter.


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