Argumentative Essay On Plastic Pollution

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We are all decent, educated people, and have the technology to research and produce ecologically sound alternatives to plastic.This is why we must urge industries all over the world to find alternatives to plastic when manufacturing their products, in order to reduce the usage of toxic petrochemicals, decrease the size of our landfills, and lessen the threat to our wildlife.There should be All of these micro plastics and other debris carried by the current come together at ocean gyres.

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One of the most well known garbage patches is, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch.

This patch lies between the United States of Hawaii and California.

Plastic is one of these products, which can take more than 1000 years to degrade and can only be recycled bcy a lengthy, expensive process.

Plastic products, in particular, plastic shopping bags, account for more than half of the waste in landfills the world over.

This can be attributed to the fact that most plastic alternatives either degrade at a much faster rate (such as paper), or can be easily recycled (such as glass and metal).

After seeing these figures, it makes sense to use these alternate products over plastics, as it can only help improve the quality of the environment.

Such a process produces toxic by-products and greenhouse gasses, which in turn reduces our air quality and can degrade soil and waterways.

In a study conducted by United States Environmental Board, the production of plastic in the United States releases 500 million tons of greenhouse gasses annually.

They don’t realize how much damage pollution has caused to the ocean and the thousand of creatures that inhabit it.

Earth is a huge place, but resources are actually very limited and will not last forever; unless there is a balance.


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