Being A Camp Counselor Essay

Camp counselors especially have the opportunity to impact campers because of the amount of time spent with their kids. Camp is a great time to learn (or perfect) tie-dying skills, tie thousands of tiny knots until your wrists are loaded with friendship bracelets, and make too many dream catchers. Apply to work for a camp for a summer—you won’t regret it.True bonds can form when you least expect them to: at the high dive at the pool, at the top of the zip line, tubing on the lake, or in the cabin late at night when homesickness sets in.

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Job functions at different camps can include the following: should work at a camp for a summer: 1. For however long you have the opportunity to interact with the campers, you quickly become one of the coolest (and most influential) people in their lives. Through the experiences you have working for a camp, you will be able to proudly put on your resume that you not only survived a summer working for a camp but thrived in the environment as well. Ready to work hard, make a difference, build your resume, get paid, and have the best summer of your life?From the outside looking in, many people see the camp counselor role as an extension of ones camper years or an opportunity to take the “summer off.” Little do they know that being a camp counselor is the hardest job one will ever have until becoming a parent themselves.Hot days, non-stop schedules, campers pushing limits and high expectation of following camp policies and protocols are just the start, however, all of this is nothing compared to the rewards one internalizes after the summer has faded.The counselor that makes a camper come back year after year. Here are my 12 characteristics of an effective camp counselor, and ones that I try and identify in our interview process. ENJOYS/PASSIONATE ABOUT WORKING AT CAMP Being a camp counselor is meant to be a very enjoyable and rewarding summer job (although demanding and exhausting).You should only look to work at camp if you love children and intend on caring for them with your heart and believe in the ‘you get out what you put in’ philosophy.Make their summer the best ever and make them want to come back daily/weekly/yearly to be with you. So, just in case they are not getting enough support from home, at least you will make a difference and provide that to them. You have a beautiful smile so don’t forget to flash it as much as possible throughout the day.I know that you face battles of your own in your personal life (as we all do), and once you are on that camp property, you should leave all of it behind you.Be someone who is always positive, happy and smiling.Always remember that positive energy is contagious and it is up to you to spread it.As a camp director, I really appreciate students & potential staff who are truly passionate about working with children.The person who wants to be an inspiration to others. The person who is happy with his/her job at camp at all times.


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