Blood Is Thicker Than Water Short Essay

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(Us Magazine) Blood is thicker than water, the old saying goes, and we do usually prioritize our immediate family first.

(Us Magazine) Blood is thicker than water, the old saying goes, and we do usually prioritize our immediate family first.(The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) For Callista Mutharika, former first lady and President Peter Mutharika’s in-law, one can imagine the price has been greater; as she not only had to dispense with the ‘blood-is-thicker-than-water’ mantra, but also be the first person to break longstanding political taboo that an incumbent president is always automatic candidate for the ruling party.They give more importance to their own kith and kin.

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its love and trust and joy together that makes a family, and sometimes there is no "biological" relation to those who consider them family.

-To the question"Blood is thicker than water" obviously answer will be blood, everyone know -According to Google answer is "family relationships and loyalties are the strongest and most important ones." -From my point of view family is most important thing in this world, utill you won't get respect and value of a family, if they cares you, fight with you or always be with you, you will realized when they left you, -Profit(SAW) told in the last days, Son will give more important to friend rather than father, :( -I disagree this, but I don't say others don't care or they are bad, but while comparing to family member other are nothing, Yes; blood is thicker than water but, love is stronger than hate and far more powerful than jealousy. We argue, we fight, and even talking to each other at times, but in the end, the family is family.... Blood is supposed to be thicker than water but when you need help, sometimes your friends are there before your family.......

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This famous proverb illustrates that our Loyalty to our Family/Our Blood Relations is STRONG no matter how we feel about them. If we like to go in deep to understand the actual meanings of this sentence which shows the blood relation of the family can be strong if there are true feelings, sincerity, respect and courage.

I was aware the allegations were true along with a previous occurrence of infidelity five years earlier.

I had first-hand knowledge, but never revealed this to him or his wife.

Blood relationship is always found to be stronger and valuable than mere friendship formed through acquaintance. Relatives like father, mother, brother and sister will stand with us risking even their lives.

They have a strong bond of affection than all other relationships. Even if friends are true and sincere, we cannot expect the greatest sacrifice from them.


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