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[tags: beowulf, christianity, epic poem] - Throughout history women have always been considered lesser than men.Women were portrayed as property to men, nothing more.They were supposed to be seen and not heard, and were basically servants to their husbands and fathers.

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Donne faced a life of hardship, tragedy, and secrets.

Although through all his endeavors he managed to write famous manuscripts, sermons, and poems.

Readers are able to feel and imagine, what it is like during the time.

They are able to connect with the author, time period, character and the story.

Women were subservient to men in most of the British literature.

Some literature women had a little more power than in others.

Raphael failed to have the human race receive the message for Raphael stopped one of Satan’s demons and the war between God and Satan continues which is refers to the War of Heaven.

[tags: god, satan, adam and eve, failure] - A gender role in the time when British literature was being written was very important to the women history.

[tags: biography, preacher and author] - I Introduction Since my subject is British Literature, there has been a lot of thought regarding the priorities of the course.

On one hand, my main aim is to help learners enjoy the artistic part of written language.


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