Can You Resubmit A Dissertation

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This urge to write has led me on a circuitous path; sometimes I have taken long detours away from writing. Some of my urge to write emerges from a desire to learn.

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In fact, that teaching job inspired me to enroll in graduate school (and allowed me to pay for it, one course at a time). The career college campus went belly up a few months before I finished my degree.

I blogged about my adventures in dissertation hell.

I never intended to become a seamstress, but when that was my job, I did my best.

You can read about some of my adventures as a seamstress here. Finally, I confess, some of my urge to write comes from a desire to be understood. Comment on the Love Your Dissertation Facebook page.

For the past couple years, I’ve been dutifully blogging about topics I think might be important to you, my audience of dissertators.

Can You Resubmit A Dissertation

Today I write on a more personal note to reflect on my career as an author and researcher.28 ½ Reasons Why You Can’t Get Your Dissertation Proposal Approved This comprehensive book is the missing link for dissertators who have struggled to get their proposals approved.This indispensable book bulges with insights, suggestions, examples, diagrams, and practical tips, written especially for the online dissertator who may receive little support during the proposal process.Some of my urge to write arises from a desire to contribute to the greater good.Even though I’m an introvert, I like people (in small doses and controlled settings).Beyond learning the content of the course, I learned how to learn efficiently, to grab at the main concepts, and to describe them in ways I thought my audiences would understand.I never intended to be a teacher, but when that was my role, I embraced it with gusto and learned all I could.Ever since I was nine years old, I have expressed myself through images and words.My favorite birthday gift was a stack of notebook paper and a box of yellow no. I confess, my lifelong urge to make marks on paper has at times been a compulsion.After a ten-year career as an instructor at a for-profit career college, I agree with that statement.I taught courses in marketing, management, public speaking, general office procedures, computer applications such as Word, Excel, Access, Power Point… and on and on, because that is what we did as instructors—we taught what we were assigned to teach.


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