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If there are two or three authors of the source, include their full names in the order they appear on the source. Hubbard, You may want to include other contributor information in your footnotes such as editor, translator, or compiler.

If there are more than three authors, list only the first author followed by “et al.” You should list all the authors in the bibliography. If there is more than one of any given contributor, include their full names in the order they appear on the source.

Footnotes should match with a superscript number at the end of the sentence referencing the source.

You should begin with 1 and continue numerically throughout the paper. In the text: Throughout the first half of the novel, Strether has grown increasingly open and at ease in Europe; this quotation demonstrates openness and ease.

The first footnote of your paper must have full bibliographic references.

In the following footnotes, the last name of the author is more than important.

We can generally use two types of citations, in-text citations and citations at the end of your paper.

Both these citations must definitely be included in this type of essay.

In brief - use single quotes (') for initial quotations, then double quotes (") for quotations within the initial quotation and put unquoted full stops and commas outside the quotation marks.

Using Chicago Style Grammar Creating In-Text Citations in Chicago Style Creating a Reference Page in Chicago Style Formatting in Chicago Style Show 1 more... Questions & Answers Related Articles References wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. If you use one source multiple times, then the first time you use the source, you cite it as they show you.


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