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In response to the overwhelming presence of professional practice doctoral degrees in the early 2000s, universities offering Doctor of Education (Ed D) and/or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph D) degrees in higher education studies began to question the purpose and value of each degree.These universities asked: What is the value of academic research if it does not aim to improve the condition of what is being studied?The first is the issue of bias, both in the author or creator of the document, and the researcher as well (2014).

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The purpose of triangulating is to provide a confluence of evidence that breeds credibility (Bowen, 2009).

Corroborating findings across data sets can reduce the impact of potential bias by examining information collected through different methods.

Bowen adds that the researcher must evaluate the original purpose of the document, such as the target audience (2009).

He or she should also consider whether the author was a firsthand witness or used secondhand sources.

This led to a theory-practice debate among departments offering the Ed D and the Ph D from the perspective of the goal of the dissertation research: Truth or improvement.

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To address this tension, the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate (CPED) was formed in 2007 with 22 founding members increasing to 100 by 2017 to examine the Ed D critically.

This content analysis study of music videos answered questions concerning the amount and severity of violence content during different time periods of the day.

A system of classifying violence content as nonviolent, mostly light, neither light nor serious, mostly serious, and extremely serious was used to evaluate music videos from MTV.

This study also revealed that the most likely time of day a viewer would see videos with violence would be from midnight until eight in the morning.

Theses and dissertations represent a wealth of scholarly and artistic content created by masters and doctoral students in the degree-seeking process.


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