Coursework Singular Plural

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nontraditional students, students of nontraditional college age noon (not am, 12 p.m.

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Rewrite the sentence to eliminate the pronoun (e.g., instead of Each firefighter wears his hat, write Each firefighter wears a hat.).

Rewrite the sentence in the plural (if this does not alter the specific meaning of the sentence; [e.g., instead of Each firefighter wears his hat, write Firefighters wear their hats.]) Use he or she, or his or her when possible, but do not overuse them.

Use generic nouns: representatives, not congressmen; nurse, not male nurse; supervisor, not foreman.

Replace titles that stereotype women: student, not coed; architect or engineer, not career woman.

IT: Information Technology majors: Use lowercase for subjects (except in cases with a proper noun, such as English language and literature, French language and literature, etc.).

magazine and newspaper titles: Underline (italicize) complete title as it appears on publication (The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, but Time magazine).Mission Statement NCAA divisions use roman numerals, not arabic numerals: Division III (CSIs teams are Division III teams) the Net (short for the Internet) nondiscrimination statement nonsexist language: Masculine nouns and pronouns are not generic; mankind, chairman, firemen, he, his, etc., should not be assumed to include women.These can all be restated to be nonsexist (humankind, chair, firefighters).This is the latest version of our evolving style guide. Formal and informal names may be used interchangeably, though audience sensitivity should be exercised.It is intended to be used as a reference for CSI-specific words and phrases, not as a substitute for The Chicago Manual of Style (14th ed.) or The American Heritage Dictionary, the standard style references used for College publications. Doctor of Philosophy dollar: million drive, (not .00 or dollars); use numerals, not words, for all dollar amounts Ed D electronic mail, email (email addresses: use lowercase letters: [email protected]) email addresses: use all lowercase letters (e.g., [email protected]) Equal Opportunity Employer, EOE emeritus (male, singular); emeriti (plural); emerita (fem., singular); emeritae (female, plural) Executive Committee extension, campus telephone: use ext. extradepartmental Faculty Senate faculty-student ratio fax (not FAX) Financial Aid Form (FAF), financial aid applications first-semester courses first-year students (preferred over freshmen) floors (in buildings): use first floor, second floor, not Floor 2, etc.Note about possessives: Proper style reserves possessives for ownership by a person.However, grammarians still do not consider it proper to use possessives such as Canadas Prime Minister (it should be the Prime Minister of Canada).italics for foreign terms: Italicize words that have not been incorporated into everyday use.When using a foreign term, only the first mention should be italicized.Suspensive hyphenation: She had a ten-day vacation.ID, IDs, CSI ID Inc.: do not use a comma: Freds Garage Inc.


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