Creative Problem Solving Steps

Using CPS also has an interesting side effect: it makes you re-think the way you thiink, and not just when you are solving problems When you have come this far, you have an implementable solution in hand, and you have explored who will help you (and how), and who will resist (and how you will overcome the resistance).These aspects are essential in this stage, when you create an implementation plan.Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a structured process for solving problems or finding opportunities. It is the first stage of any innovation and change initiative: creativity is generating something novel and useful, and innovation is putting that something to work.

Nonetheless, we have scientific data to back how the brain learns things.

That journey inspired me to prepare this presentation which is my attempt at teaching and spreading this infectious process to others who might not understand how creativity works or can find use from such information. From my perspective, the designers I respect most are all about saturating themselves in data and inspiration. This is where you walk away from ideas and thinking altogether, which Schwartz refers to as “thinking aside.” He explains that when you shut your mind off, your brain is able to spark the best creativity, which is why ideas pop in your head during a shower, while walking in nature or when you are dreaming. The infamous a-ha moment that stops you in your tracks. This is the point where things start coming together; the part where you make it real.

Unique solutions come from innovative problem solving. This is often an area I totally ignored since I’ve never really had the luxury of time, but one I’ll be looking to learn and apply in my ever-changing creative process. This part reminds me of the great scientists of history having an idea, testing it and learning from it. That being said, creativity isn’t supposed to be easy, as Cal Newport points out, it takes a level of deep work and focused intent to develop skills and solve problems.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a method that attempts to approach a problem or a challenge in an innovative way.

The process helps redefine problems and opportunities to come up with new responses and solutions.


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