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An online creative writing course for individuals and businesses Practical and engaging assignments | Accredited certification Certification: ABC & Certa Awards Certificate of Achievement. This Creative Writing course has a fun informal style to help you become more aware of your writing style and improve your skills.

You will be able to add this Accredited qualification to your CV by downloading your certificate instantly without any cost. About this Course A quick look at the various elements that make up a well-designed book/novel.

This is an overview of those elements: What is Creative Writing, Where Do You Get Ideas, Voice and Point of View, Setting, Characters, Plot, Dialogue, Genre and Target Audience, Getting Ready to Publ...

This is the comprehensive guide from creative writing to becoming a professional. Children's Story Writing Diploma - CPD Certified Do you have a love for writing?

Have you ever thought about obtaining a qualification in children’s Story Writing.

With this course bundle, your CV will shine through as it provides you with skills highly valued by employers. Have you always wanted to write, but never quite had the time or courage to start?

Perhaps you already write, but want to develop your skills?Learn everything you need to know to create a bestselling Children's Storybook, Picture Book, Middle Reader or Young Adult Novel!Children's books are fun to read, and delightful to write.Share yours with a child, grandchild or the public, by discovering the way to write compelling children's li...Freelance Writing Course is accredited and suitable for anyone aspiring to or already working in this field or simply want to learn deeper into freelance Writing Course.Creative Writing - Fantasy Story Writing is one of our most popular and most popular course.This course is suitable for anyone aspiring to or already working in Writing Sector and looks at skills needed to improve Writing Sector .This includes writing for films, television, radio as well as the stage and involves a lot of creativity hand in hand with impeccable language skills. This course is designed by an experienced university professor and published author with Oxford University Press to help you become a standout writer.This course will show you sentence-level lessons that you need to know to write well.There’s a well-used saying that goes, ‘there’s a book in everyone’.That may be true but what do you want to say, and how are you going to bring your ideas to life?


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