Critical Thinking Assignment

Create assignments that help students develop specific aspects of critical thinking.Make sure your assignments gradually build in difficulty/complexity.

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The most important feature of an effective course is how well its key components – learning objectives, instructional activities, and assessments – are aligned with each other.

For example, instructional activities and learning objectives are well aligned when students have the chance to learn and practice what you want them to be able to do by the end of the course; learning objectives and assessments are well aligned when the course assessments actually measure what you want students to have learned to do.

Course assignments do not adequately support students' critical thinking.

Students may not engage in effective critical thinking in your course simply because they have not had sufficient, relevant practice of the skills you are looking for.

This is particularly true when you consider that students likely only develop the specific knowledge and skills that they actually use during practice, rather than the broader set of information they might have passively heard during a lecture or read from the textbook.

After identifying the mismatch or gap, the next step is to decide what action to take based on how many knowledge components (and their importance) that students might not have developed.

Similarly, early on in a design course, you can ask students to explain the key features of their designs separately from asking them to iterate and improve, whereas later on in the course, these processes may all be merged together.

Breaking down assignments into pieces highlights the importance of particular stages (especially ones that students may undervalue or omit), and it gives you a chance to offer feedback on the different components separately.


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