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However, if a person has bad reasons or intentions in deceiving others, then the deception is bad.There is also, in contrast to the definition of deception, debate over what is deception because it is always different in the eyes of different people.

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Since Desdemona loved her father, she felt that by delaying his pain she would be doing him a service, and because Desdemona deceived her father out of love, this deception was not severe.

It was however bad, because there was no way in which Desdemona could avoid hurting her father.

Othello “Lend me your handkerchief.” Desdemona “I have it not about me.” Othello “Is’t lost? This, according to the definition of deception is bad. Because Desdemona knew that if she told Othello the truth he would become very angry, she lied to him and said she had the handkerchief.

Desdemona’s intentions for lying were good, because Desdemona loved Othello she decided to protect him from getting angry.

Deception, which is described as trickery, a cheat, or a sham, is considered a very bad thing.

However, it is possible for deception to have good intentions, and this would make deception partially good.

Iago’s intentions are bad and hurtful, and that is why this incident is in fact much worse and much more severe than the previous one. That which deceives; a piece of trickery; a cheat, sham This definition states that deception is a trick, a cheat, or a sham, and this implies that all deception is of the same degree.

The definition of deception in “THE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY” is, DECEPTION- 1. However, it is clear from the previous two scenes that in different situations deception can have different degrees, and that one thing can be more deceitful than another.

Iago’s deception, which in appearance looks similar to Desdemona’s deception, is in fact very different.

When Iago says this to Othello, he is trying to anger Othello, and place doubt in Othello’s mind.


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