Dentist Business Plan

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All dental practices understand the importance of dental patient marketing.

All dental practices understand the importance of dental patient marketing.

On-site content marketing in the form of a blog or FAQ gives you an opportunity to regularly add new content (and keywords) to your site, increasing your overall ranking and sending more traffic to your site.

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Sending them appointment reminders—or reminders to schedule their appointment—is a great re-engagement method and a sure-fire way to make sure they’re getting the care they need.

Appointment reminders can come in the form of: Many practices use a combination of a physical reminder, like a postcard, with a digital reminder like an email or text.

In addition to staying in touch and generating conversation, you can also provide updates and information (including contact information) and you can collect reviews from existing patients.

Dentist Business Plan

This can provide new patients with more potential touchpoints, and a better immediate first impression whenever they find you.

This includes: Growing your practice isn’t just about attracting new patients.

Maintaining relationships with your existing patients matters just as much.

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Content marketing is the practice of using content like blog posts or ebooks to bring visitors to your site, build relationships with them, and eventually convert them into patients.


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