Effects Of Computer Addiction Essay

Effects Of Computer Addiction Essay-23
Computer usage can be useful and productive, but if you’re a computer addict it can have serious effects on many parts of your life.

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To sum up, although solving these issues are insurmountable, and the effects to children’s mental and physical aspects are detrimental.

There are still effective ways to consider, and by implementing stringent regimes these adversities are nevertheless preventable.

There are numerous doctors who are concerned about the effects on children’s mental and physical capability in connection with the aforementioned issue.

However, there are ways to consider in mitigating theses problems.

In the physical aspects, on the other hand, a child who is engaged in playing a tremendous amount of time in video games, might suffer from obesity or overweight, since there are a lack of physical activities and exercises being performed while sitting and playing.

Furthermore, early child obesity is a serious health issue that may lead to a heart attack.These adversities, furthermore, can be lessened or even avoided if parents will implement a radical regime to discipline their children.For example, parents must limit their children’s exposure to computer games.Even when they do interact with their friends, users may become irritable when away from the computer, causing further social harm.Eventually, excessive computer use can take an emotional toll.Someone whose primary friends are screen names in a chat room may have difficulty with face-to-face interpersonal communication.Over the long term, computer addiction can cause physical damage.Doing this will often take self discipline as well as support from others, and sometimes professional help. Try outdoor activities for a while with your family or friends, and don't use technology until you feel that you can follow a routine. You have mentioned the whole underpinning of your addiction in one word -- stubborn. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.Together, they cited information from 11 references.


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