Essay About A Dog Is Man'S Best Friend

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Vest famously stated, “The one absolute, unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world—the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous—is his dog.” Dogs have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have an indomitable spirit.

They greet us happily after what may have been the worst day of our lives and make us feel better with a wag of their tail and a playful grin.

Also a higher intelligence capacity than pure breeds. That was something that I had been wanting for as long as I can think of.

But mix mixed breeds also have a higher intelligence average than pure breeds. Throughout my life, my family has had many dogs but none that I could call my own.

Often, dogs truly deserve their status as a person’s best friend.

My family has had a variety of dogs anything from a dachshund also known as a wiener dog named Levi, to a mutt who’s name was Taylor, to a mini Doberman pinscher named buddy, and a chug, which is a Chihuahua and pug mix named Romeo.Dogs and people began living together 15,000 years ago when dogs followed people’s migration throughout East Asia.The connection was natural because both people and dogs are social beings.Dogs are incredible friends to people, and they’ve been companions through centuries.The relationship between dogs and people is deep and old.Dogs are social pack animals who thrive off of attention and affection, making them a prime candidate for a person’s best friend.Since dogs have been domesticated to a point where they need us to survive, and we tend to find that we need them almost as much, people and dogs developed a symbiotic relationship.They love us even when we are grumpy, rude, or downright bummers.Dogs are the ones who seem to understand us on a level even we cannot fathom. Before the 1980s mixes were thought as strange and incapable of obeying and controlling themselves. Also, their maturity is less predictable than the pure breeds. People who find energetic mixes even leave the dog as rescue dogs. Mix breeds are hard to classify since they are made of two breeds.


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