Essay About School Uniform Should Be Banned

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It’s time to get our ideas together for the next class debate.

The motion is ‘That this house believes that school uniforms should be banned’.

Her work has appeared in "The Daily Observer" and "Nepean This Week." Quinn has diplomas from both the print and photojournalism programs at Loyalist College.

Not only is school uniforms SUPER HOT to wear,especially in my country where it is summer everyday,you cant express yourself and your personality, the whole school is like robots doing work,since everyone looks the same,and especially during PE, where you have to change into the school PE shirts,and change BACK to uniform immediately after that,you will feel super sticky and sweat like hell,they say school uniforms is to not make one student looks richer and feel superior to the other, BS,you can just issue a dress code,if you are smart enough to run a country,i dont see how your not smart enough to make a dress code,school uniforms is the WORST INVENTION EVER MADE!

In many cases, purchasing one school uniform is insufficient, as students will need multiple uniforms to wear throughout the week as well as separate uniforms suitable for different types of weather.

While some school districts supply uniforms for free, debate has resulted regarding whether that's the best use of taxpayer dollars.

Also, students who may have faced bullying in the past may continue to face the wrath of their tormentors, despite how they look in their uniforms, as bullies always find ways to harass their victims.

School uniforms cost money and can be a prohibitive expense for families, especially those struggling to make ends meet or those with more than one child in school.

Regardless of their negative reputations, cliques allow students to express themselves and find acceptance within their individual peer groups.

Having students wear uniforms may prevent students from forming peer relationships that are crucial to social development.


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