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At least two billion people are affected for at least one month of the year.And more than 1 billion people have no access to clean drinking or potable water.There are many ways that we can begin to address global water scarcity and ensure that we have plenty of fresh water now and in the future. Water shortages are pushing many regions to the brink of crisis and may lead to future conflicts and even wars.

Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet water needs within a region.

It affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. Of that 3% freshwater, two-thirds of that is trapped in glaciers and snowfields and is not available for our use.

In this section, we learn the reasons why our water supplies are being tainted.

We are facing increasing levels of pollution which are leading to dwindling water supplies.

Here is an extension of what water shortages entail and what it means to be without it.

Clean water has become like a luxury for the people in places like sub-Saharan Africa.The structure of this note is more informational than anything else.Motivations for curbing excessive water use occur on a daily basis.In today’s article, we take a close look at the main causes of water scarcity. We also take a look at some of the solutions on offer. As you can imagine, water scarcity and water shortages have the potential to impact nearly every aspect of a person’s life, from the way they clean their home to the way they work and the services provided by their government.And this list only includes direct human use of water.Following that, to highlight the need to move towards conserving water, it features some of the effects and severe consequences of water shortages.Ending the article on a positive note, solutions to addressing these shortfalls are highlighted.Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water, suitable for drinking, and nearly all of the fresh water supply is difficult to access, leaving just 0.014% of our planet’s water available for our needs.Although it is such a tiny percentage of the earth’s water, at the moment that small amount of fresh water is still just about sufficient to satisfy all our needs. Not only is clean drinking water necessary for our biological survival, but it is also essential in the preparation of many of the foods that we rely upon, and crucial for basic hygiene that keeps us healthy.To emphasize the severity of water shortages both locally and on a global scale, it is necessary to inform the public of this startling statistic.Every continent around the world is affected, not just those regions that are traditionally dry.


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