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These aspects are important because it encourages people to work together while benefiting each other.It helps to work […] What are elements that make up working together with others?

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Each person part of the team has a role to help the team achieve its purpose. They may be in charge of doing something others expect them to complete successfully.

It may include figuring out ways to help each other to ensure milestones are met.

As teamwork gets done you learn from each other’s roles and how they played a part in achieving a step or milestone as a group.

The concept has a connection to the previous point of trust.

Nerveless, one of the essential elements in a high-performance teambuilding should be concerned is leadership which comes from the personal character of the leader who achieve the task and maintain the team, enthuses team members with commitment to their work (Effective leadership development p6 2006).

In a word, an effective teamwork has a great significance for the business management.Nowadays nobody can exist alone in the world and it is also difficult for one person to achieve success.Ken Blanchard who is an American author and management expert said "none of us is as smart as all of us" (Heart Quotes 2007).The world 'team' has appeared in human's history over the three thousand years.In the primitive society, both tribal and racial beings were all gregarious, because of these dynamic groups, they could cooperate to collect food and resist beast for surviving (Team Roles at work p1-3 1993).However, teamwork is still needed in different areas today.With the development of the global economy, economic co-operation becomes popular among different countries such as WTO.Nowadays teamwork is still essential in different areas; the development of the global economy and the globalization process, requires people coming from different countries and with different skills and specializations to operate consistently together.Nowadays, teamwork is still needed in different areas today.It helps to work with others in different situations because each person grows from the experience.People also learn how to work with others efficiently when reaching for the same result.


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