Essay In Business Communication

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This is helpful to managers as this gives both the interviewee and the manager a fair idea as to whether that particular person has understood or not.

Question and discussion makes it easier as this way all clarifications are out from both parties and whatever questions are there are cleared before proceeding to another process.

This however will than become the mutual agreement between them.

This resolution always tends to work in any organizations to resolve company issues related to workers or management.

For example since Alliance & Leicester is dealing with banking, insurance and this all are related to money.

If the company decides to launch more investments, it will apply all the theory of feedback, follow up, clarification, question and answers as this will give the correct figure as to where the company’s status stands and whether the company is liable to precede this product in the market. Finding common grounds of communication to support your theory also portrays a huge role n the stock market.Feedback is very important in any organization as this is the only way any company can get feedbacks about their products being sold out in the market.This way the company can always have a fair idea as to where they stand and can than intent to launch other products.Those whom seek can dramatically can increase their effective influence and strength by using these methods.Some methods and techniques used in this process are: Negotiation is where two parties come to a mutual agreement to any issue.Interpersonal skills are the skills we are using every day for communication and mixing around with other people. Many people have worked really hard in their professional and personal lives.Four interpersonal communication skills are: Assertiveness means where one person stands ground for another and standing up for that person. Many people seek to be assertive through using methods and techniques that can be achieved.Active listening skills are ways to become a good listener.It basically means that listeners are hearing various messages, understands its meaning and verifies the feedback.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.


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