Essay Of The Effects Of Stress On Health

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The available energy is not consumed and there is no stimulus that employs the benefits of the sympathetic hormones.Cortisol and epinephrine are useful during exercise but consequential when produced without physical activity such as during the situations just described.

You may find that it has a cumulative effect, with each stressor building on top of one another.

During these situations you may feel threatened or upset and your body might create a stress response.

Whether it is an acute bout of frustration, as experienced when cut off in traffic, or a major life event such as a divorce, losing one’s job, or being diagnosed with a disease, stress can negatively affect all systems of the human body.

Interestingly, even though stress is an innate response it varies by person.

Exercise and physical activity provide positive outcomes when the training volume is appropriate. Clinicians suggest one way to avoid significant distress is identify where it is coming from.

Stress diaries are used to identify the people, locations, situations, and times that the stress occurs.Adequate stress, whether physical or mental, is needed to promote adaptations in a bodily system; while excessive stress results in systemic breakdown.Eustress is the term utilized to describe appropriate stress routinely applied for the provision of positive adaptive outcomes; distress describes an excessive level of stress that promotes negative outcomes.When hormones are produced in a manner such as those associated with psychological chronic stress they produce several negative effects according to research.Interestingly appropriate exercise can, to a certain extent, actually minimize all of the negative effects of stress when applied in a healthy program.The hormones released during an acute or chronic stress response ultimately dictate the outcome.The reaction to an acute stress, commonly known as the “fight or flight” response, involves the rapid release of adrenal hormones to increase immediately available energy (i.e., blood sugar) via the breakdown and liberation of glycogen from the liver as well as triglycerides and amino acids. This mechanism is meant to protect or ready the human body for changes in movement intensity; the hormonally-liberated energy will help the individual confront the given stress, or flee from it.This should not include alcohol-related situations as experts suggest this further fuels stress responses rather than diffusing them.Alcohol masks relaxation, so “drinking stress away” simply adds new stress of a physical nature.In many cases, people do not realize the exact causes and frequency of stress in their lives.Oftentimes there are certain individuals and locations that create the worst stress responses.


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