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A Modified version of paper published in The Indian International Centre Quarterly, Autumn 2012.

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Such comprehensive cultural approach could be replicated in other community contexts in order to foster development and to fight against social exclusions.

L’Académie Adivasi a mis en œuvre une approche culturelle globale visant à promouvoir l’autonomisation de la communauté Adivisi dans différents domaines tels que la culture, l’éducation, la santé, l’agriculture et l’économie.

This very same ‘knowledge’ formed the basis for formulating law during colonial times.

The story of the communities known as ‘denotified’ is without doubt the most mind-boggling tale of inhuman collapse of compassion.

The Adivasi Academy has been implementing a comprehensive cultural approach promoting the Adivisi community's empowerment in different fields such as culture, education, healthcare, agriculture and economy.

The Adivasi community had been facing lack of access and marginalization partly due to the British colonialism; during which many cultural misunderstandings related to communities’ and tribes’ costumes occurred.

These latter were ‘notified’ as ‘criminal’ during the colonial period (1871 Criminal Tribes Act: Devy, 2007: 14-20; Schwarz, 2010: 9-10), and subsequently ‘denotified’ (1952-56) soon after Independence.

They are now known as ‘Denotified and Nomadic Tribes’ (DNTs).

For the first two centuries of colonial contact, beginning with the arrival of the East India Company at Surat in 1600 to the establishment of the Asiatic Society in Bengal towards the end of the 18 century, the colonial imagination had great difficulties in understanding the complex weave of the Indian society.

Out of these difficulties arose many misconceptions and myths about communities and social conventions.


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