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The building also houses numerous television and radio broadcasting stations.This landmark is home to art galleries, an observation deck for tourists and various museum exhibits.Titled "Designing Equitable Cities", the conference aimed to talk about the discourses of architecture and planning as agencies involved in the design of resilient and equitable cities through individual presentations and panel discussions.

Being the most industrious colony under the British Raj, India was quickly churning out resources and finished goods with its surplus of labour found in k (...)"You don’t want to walk and talk about Jesus; you just want to see his face," has concluded the environmentalist and architect David Waggonner’s interview with The Atlantic[i].

This quote has been more than a Rolling Stones lyric in recent years.

Let us look into the background of the act in correlation with the issues present in the practice. The Architects Act, 1972, also called the Principal Act, was put into force on 1 September, 1972.

It is "an act to provide for the registration of architects and for matters connected therewith.”Image courtes (...)The following article presents thorough documentation on the principles of organic architecture and the arguments by some of its proponents throughout the 20th century by means of comparison of architectural elements in the purview of said principles.

It was met by 3 crews of 3 members each over a period of 24 weeks for data gathering.

Its decaying orbit meant that NASA needed to bring it back to Earth.

It has become the mentality of environmentalists and designers in how they interact with water in cities.

Research shows that people living in urban areas now make up more than half of the world population[ii].

His sense of architecture has been compared with the notions proposed by Frank Lloyd Wright; and his disciple Nariman Dosabhai Gandhi, the strongest advocate of organic architecture in India - who also practiced in Maharashtra.' Neelai' Lake House, Andur, Maharashtra - Shirish Beri & Associates The site is divided i (...)Lessons from a Pritzker laureate The frame fades-in to reveal a shot of a ghetto of skyscrapers, there is no point of reference to the ground and there cannot be.

You can see the Chrysler building rising from behind a few concrete mid-rises following which your eyes dart to the Empire State Building situated further back, appearing almost like a silhouette.


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