Essay On World Religions

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Just focus on the aspects of it you can prove with facts.

If, for some reasons, you have to write about the religion you have prejudice against, try to find similarities with your own moral code or faith and focus on them.

Thus, among the five religions, despite their names and places of origin, they all have varied similarities in their religious teachings, practices and rituals, among other aspects.

Gwynne (95) notes the similarity among the Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is the existence of a Supreme Authority.

Many religions are based mostly on feelings, perception and something irrational, that is hard to understand without a religious experience.

So if you are an atheist or just can’t understand something that seems obvious for a member of a said religion, don’t worry, it is fine.

The Islam followers are known as Muslims and they call their God Allah.

Judaism is connected with the rabbis of the second century; many historians, however, believe Hillel, a Pharisee, was the real founder.

It is God centered religion, thus; one can call Hinduism as founded by God. He was called Buddha by his adherents, which means the “awakened one”.

This is because Hinduism is built on psychological principles, encouraging all human beings to embrace. Religious history gives little information about him.


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