Essay Questions Great Expectations

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Considering this from another angle, Pip is young and innocent, if not take into account all the attempts to make him guilty, but some critics believe that Pip was happy in his mind when the assault on his sister had happened even though he did not take part in it (Trotter 10).

For Pip, it was a sort of revenge for all the reproaches he experienced during his childhood.

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To illustrate, Pip once helped the escaped convict by stealing a file and food.

He knew that stealing was regarded as a crime but still did it.However, there are general qualities that make a good topic. It will help you to determine for yourself the approach to the answer of a question or the disclosure of a topic.Once during a dinner, the boy kept asking avalanche of questions thus making his sister angry to such an extent that she said people were put in the prison because of their evil actions, but what was interesting they “always began by asking questions” (Dickens 19).After saying that to the kid, she literally made him think that there is no way out and his destiny was already known.Check out the following sample to see how this type of papers should be written.written by Charles Dickens is considered to be a classic novel consisting of various levels that can be interpreted on several aspects.What is more, the setting of the novel contributes to the atmosphere of guilt.Pip’s house was located near the marshes with the view on prison-ships.The following paper focuses on the theme of guilt which starts to be evident from the very beginning of the novel till the last chapter.Pip, the main character of the book, begins his life in a sort of guilty environment.


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