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Provide arguments that have some logic behind them.

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It's difficult to see why an atheist would take offense to the claim that Jesus was not divine, but such a belief should be offensive to Christians. There is no such thing as a devout atheist - or least anyone who would claim to be a devout atheist with an unchanging view is certainly more likely to have chosen atheism for emotional reasons.

In reality very few atheists stake a claim to knowledge of unanswerable questions - but such answers are the stock and trade of religions.It does not require that opposing beliefs be facilitated, supported, or not contradicted - but it does require that competing beliefs be allowed to exist.Some would dissent from this definition, claiming that religious beliefs should not be criticized, yet this position is untenable and an example of empty-headed political correctness.Where problems arise is when believers make assertions that affect reality - such as those made by creationists and the religious habit of imposing their morals and sensibilities on to everyone else.Of course everyone is quite familiar with the Islamic predilection for finding explosive shortcuts to their virgin-stuffed house in the clouds.An essay on different religions will show how you understand the subject and how you use your theoretical background in terms of the subject matter.Speaking about various topics, religion and morality essay is a popular option because here you will unite two concepts in one discourse.It is easier for such people to practice tolerance, because to a great extent their beliefs tend to be a little vague and uncertain.At the heavier end we see the fundamentalists who place great emphasis on the innerency of scripture - although like the more casual believers they tend to pick and choose the sections of scripture that conform to their personal beliefs.Unless otherwise stated, this is original content, released under CC-BY-SA 3.0 or any later version. Feel free to make comments on the talk page, which will probably be far more interesting, and might reflect a broader range of Rational Wiki editors' thoughts.This is an examination of religious tolerance, with a specific focus on Christianity.


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