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Two case studies of both grassroots and policy-focused non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to address violence against women.Chouchou Namegabe is a prolific journalist, producer and activist who founded the Association de Femmes des Médias de Sud Kivu (AFEM).In many parts of the world, violence against women and girls is based upon cultural and historical practices.

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It is a common misperception that women are at greater risk of sexual violence from strangers; in reality, women are most likely to experience sexual violence from men they are intimate with or know.

During times of war and armed conflict, rape and sexual violence perpetrated upon women are systematically used as a tactic of war by militaries and enemy groups to further their political objectives.

There are also forms of violence against women and girls related to marriage — child marriage, forced arranged marriages, bride kidnappings, and dowry-related deaths and violence.

Child marriage and forced marriages are common in Africa, South and Central Asia, and the Middle East.

Violence against women is a consequence of gender inequality, and it prevents women from fully advancing in society.

Two of the most common and universal forms of violence against women are intimate partner violence and sexual violence.

The ADVN has a collaborative relationship with government and takes a long-term approach that they believe is necessary to influence legislative changes and implementation of the law.

Figure 4.1: Violence against women is a serious and common problem worldwide.

Women and children, trafficked for sex and slave labor, are particularly vulnerable in conflict zones.

This woman was among hundreds raped when rebels attacked a village in the Democratic Republic of Congo.iolence against women is a serious human rights violation and a public health problem of global proportions.


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