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Stating that acknowledgements "offer students a unique rhetorical space to convey their genuine gratitude for assistance and to promote a favourable social and scholarly character" (p.

259), the article shows how acknowledgements are constructed and also argues that students will need help in structuring their acknowledgements.

Besides, you do not know how you can thank these people without compromising the principles and standards of academic writing.

In this situation, you would better consult authoritative sources, and the article below can help you with that.

Note, too, that practices vary between disciplines.

I gratefully acknowledge the support and generosity of The Birgit and Gad Rausing Foundation for Arts Research and the Crafoord Foundation, without which the present study could not have been completed. 34)The research for this paper was financially supported by the Norwegian Research Council, grant no. In developing the ideas presented here, I have received helpful input from Berit Anne Bals, Harald Gaski, and Peter Svenonius. I also thank the audiences at Grammar in Focus 2003, Lund, BLS 29, Berkeley, the Thursday Night Linguistics Seminar, University of Tromsø, and three anonymous reviewers for their feedback. 159-160) We thank Tim Clutton-Brock, University of Cambridge, for support and allowing us to work on the Kuruman River Reserve as well as the use of long-term life history data on meerkats.Then you can also list the people who have participated in your project such as fellow students or any other professors who guided the writing process.You should not forget other helping individuals or persons.The biggest problem is that students do not know how to balance the need for some personalized writing on the acknowledgement page with the dry academic language used throughout the project. You are free to design your acknowledgement page as a single paragraph or a separate page featuring a whole story of your life and how it has changed your vision of the things around you.You may feel at odds when writing something like "my mother has been hilarious taking me out sometimes to give me a fresh look at things and speed up my learning progress." It is just so intimate! If you do not want to include any elaborate stories, it will be enough to say, "Thank you, Professor Weinstein, for showing the best direction in this work!In academic writing it is appropriate to give credit to funding bodies, departments and individuals who have been of help during the project, for instance by supporting it financially or by giving feedback on the text during its composition and revising stages.Such brief written notes of thanks are called acknowledgements.For example, you can give special thanks to the laboratory assistants who were with you while you were carrying out your experiments.You can also thank other fellow students who reviewed your draft or provided valuable advice to help you avoid the most common mistakes.Make sure that you use the tone and form that suit the context of your writing.You will see few dissertations and academic papers without an acknowledgement page.


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