Expository Essay On Choices

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There are many ways to express emotions; they are broadly divided into two types, positive emotions and negative emotions.

Positive emotions include care, friendship, satisfaction, happiness, joy, understanding, love, etc.

Decision can also be affected by over-optimism or over-pessimism, as this will result in clouded thinking, which leads to poor decision-making.

For example, if one is in a bad mood, there are chances they can end up making messy decisions that harm both them and others emotionally and/or financially.

Any company is ready to employ a person that they can trust to make choices that are fair and caring.

Ethical decisions are aimed at attaining certain results.You also need to remember that you are required to take care of the society.Your decisions are thus required to show some degree of care. We cannot let go the right choices because of the cost that comes with doing the right thing. We should know of our moral obligations and apply the rules that are necessary.There is also the higher power that lets controls nature.Before making ethical choices, you need to understand there could be different ways that could lead to the same kind of results that you are aiming at.Comparing rational and emotional decisions, the difference between both types of decision-making can be judged.It takes time to make an educated and rational decision, but very little time to make an emotional decision.This will put you in a better position to make the right decisions.You also need to understand that choices have got consequences.You, however, need to make the right decision and shut out all the others.This does not mean that you do not respect those other options but that you made a choice.


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