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Vincent’s tenacity and resolve to enter space ultimately allow him to successfully endure turbulent times.Despite a multitude of close calls, he is saved from universal detection, though he is recognized by Irene, whose personal admiration for Vincent overrides the fact that Vincent had broken the law.A rational society would have resolved the ethical dilemma of the proper criterion of judging an individual by eschewing determinism altogether.

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Vincent’s course of action, though in violation of the law, was not in violation of moral principles.

Vincent had harmed no one by his attempt to pursue his ambitions at Gattaca and in outer space; thus, his action exhibited the principle of nonmaleficence.

Should it be by the composition of his genome, present at birth, or by the attributes of personality and ambition that are chosen by that individual?

In the futuristic society depicted in the film, genetic engineering allows for the elimination of almost all physical defects in newborns, whose bodily characteristics later render them far more favorable candidates for employment than those whose genes had not been enhanced in this manner.

Eventually, interviews are conducted not to assess an applicant’s character and determination, but his genetic code.

The even more fundamental question that arises from this is, “What determines the essential identity of a human being? ” Vincent is a child born in the obsolete manner, and thus his genome is riddled with “errors,” from which high “probabilities” of him obtaining certain ailments later in life are inferred.

Another employee at Gattaca, Irene, had also been born in the obsolete manner, but her genome is adequate enough for her to be permitted to work on minor tasks.

She suspects that Vincent may be connected with the recent murder of the mission director, who was about to uncover Vincent’s actual identity.

Vincent is set to depart on a mission into space, after which his individual merits will overrule his genome conclusively, and he will no longer be subject to genetic security tests.

However, the murder of the mission director subjects Gattaca to a series of extremely intrusive investigations by police that threaten to uncover Vincent’s true identity and even arrest him for murder, even though Vincent is innocent of the crime.


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