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Submersion is where sand is moved from the visible part of beach to a submerged nearshore region.Accretion is when the sand moved during submersion is moved back to the visible section of beach. Fixed coastal defenses have long been erected in many nations and coastal countries typically have a navy and some form of coast guard.

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Dee Why and Collaroy beach are part of the northern beaches, located on the Collaroy Plateau, approximately 20km from the Sydney CBD.

Dee Why beach is 1.2km long, while Collaroy Beach is 3.4km long, both located at approximately 33S 151E.

Salt marshes and beaches also support a diversity of plants, animals and insects crucial to the food chain.

The high level of biodiversity creates a high level of biological activity, which has attracted human activity for thousands of years. Once a fishing port, the harbor is now dedicated to tourism and pleasure boating.

Some landlocked places have achieved port status by building canals.

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The coast is a frontier that nations have typically defended against military invaders, smugglers and illegal migrants.

In these areas the wave energy breaking against the cliffs is higher, and air and water are compressed into cracks in the rock, forcing the rock apart, breaking it down.

Sediment deposited by waves comes from eroded cliff faces and is moved along the coastline by the waves. Sediment deposited by rivers is the dominant influence on the amount of sediment located on a coastline.

Today riverine deposition at the coast is often blocked by dams and other human regulatory devices, which remove the sediment from the stream by causing it to be deposited inland.

Like the ocean which shapes them, coasts are a dynamic environment with constant change.


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