Gmat Problem Solving

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Problem Solving on the GMAT encompasses a huge range of content, and it is in a familiar format to those experienced with standardized tests.

(Hint: Total GMAT Math is a great resource for all of those things.) Time is of the essence.

Perhaps the more difficult questions are the ones that involve a lot of fractional algebra, rate word problems, mixtures, and combination/permutation related math questions. Be sure to check out whether the SC, CR, RC, PS, DS, and IR Pills might help you.

But before you can attack these more difficult math questions, you need to solidify your quant fundamentals and equip yourself with tactical strategies that help you solve math questions in as little time as possible.

Speed is crucial to have a shot at a top 10% GMAT math score, but to a generation of test-takers more familiar with Palm Pilots than paper and pencil, the no-calculator clause is a time killer. Look at a sample question: In the question above, do you really want to divide anything by 397,264? Let's approximate 400,000 and quickly restate the question: 5,000,000,000/400,000=? If you're avoiding calculations like we showed you above, you'll be using your scratch paper almost exclusively to set up problems in this way.

Above all, learn to avoid doing math the "traditional" way. You can spot a successful translation because it will put you only a few seconds away from the solution.Total GMAT Math The comprehensive guide to the GMAT Quant section.It's "far and away the best study material available," including over 300 realistic practice questions and more than 500 exercises! Problem Solving (PS) questions are the typical multiple-choice math questions that you have seen before in school and on other standardized tests such as the SAT.A math problem is presented, followed by five answer choices, one correct and four incorrect. Simplify confusing problems GMAT word problems are often deliberately confusing, and thus challenge you to "translate" the words into diagram, sketches, or equations - anything, in fact, that helps you get the answer quickly and leanly."Hard" GMAT math often tests your reading skills (and your composure)Ever heard of a "proverbial"? The GMAT test writers occasionally create "new" math concepts just to see how well you adapt to the unknown.If you let that happen, you're almost guaranteeing yourself a disappointing score.As with everything you study while preparing for the GMAT, look for patterns.When you see one of these Frankenstein monsters, read very carefully and take the question apart step-by-step.You can often make it even easier by focusing on the answer choices.


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