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Here is an example of two test cells: ), the cell will pass if no errors are raised, and fail otherwise.You must specify the number of points that each test cell is worth; then, if the tests pass during autograding, students will receive the specified number of points, and otherwise will receive zero points.You can view the grading policy for an assignment after you open the assignment and after you work on an assignment (from the Item Score Details page). Instructors control the grading policy in effect for each assignment and can make changes to the policy at any time, including after you have started work on it.

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When running If you are working on the command line, you may want to formally verify the student version as well.

These hidden tests are placed back into the “Autograder tests” cells when running If you select the “Read-only” option (available for both code and markdown cells), the nbgrader extension will mark that cell as one that cannot be modified.

This is indicated by a lock icon on the left side of the cell toolbar: ), nbgrader will check whether the source of the student’s version of the cell has changed.

Because the mechanism for autograding is that students receive full credit if the tests pass, an easy way to get around this would be to simply delete or comment out the tests.

This read-only functionality will reverse any such changes made by the student.


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