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Goal of this Assignment: Demonstrate knowledge of basic HTML programming and an understanding of system design and implementation.Specifics: Your Web page must contain NO hyperlinks to any other page, on or off site.

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This includes inline images that are links to other pages.

It must also not contain any stylesheets, Java, Active X, or Javascripts.

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Html Web page creation using: Topics like External CSS style sheets, Web page building blocks, Working with Web files & the assignment help on these topics is really helpful if you are struggling with the complex html & web page application problems.

You will create a CSS stylesheet that will be applied to your markup document.

The purpose of this part of the exercise is to begin learning how to author CSS by writing style rules for element selectors.It is not required to pair with your project partner, you can pair with anyone in any section, as long as you are able to find time to work together.You must enter the names of team members in this spreadsheet (or if you got permission, your name alone), since the graders will use this document for grading purposes. The idea is to ask someone — a friend, a victim — for some words, such as (1) a name, (2) a vehicle, (3) a restaurant, etc.We are expecting stylesheets that have a relatively small number of basic style rules whose effect is to simply improve the overall presentation of the markup documents.Assignment Number 4: Basic Web Page Requirement: Based on the readings and your study of Whitten and Bentley (1998), design a basic Web page with the specifics features mentioned below.Then, when you insert the words into a story, it yields a crazy result, because the choices were made without any idea of what the story would be.Here are screenshots of a Mad Libs page, both before and after a user has filled out the form and clicked the button: Your task will be to create a similar webpage to interactively play the Mad Libs game.Comments include a header comment at the top of the file, and comments within the code when a comment will help clarify the purpose of a line or section of code.You should also enter comments to explain where you found code that was not discussed in class.This function is purely , this is purely functional: it just takes arguments and returns a value; it doesn't interact with the page at all.Define a function to handle the event of the button click (name the function whatever you like).


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