Meal Planning For Busy Moms

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That may mean freezer meals or meals that use pantry staples you always keep on hand.Even better, make an actual list on paper and tape it up to the inside of your food cupboard for easy reference.Set aside 5 minutes a day to look at your (realistic) meal plan in order to make sure you pull the meat out of the freezer or soak the beans for tomorrow.

Even though you might want to make beautiful nutritious three course meals everyday, if you’ve only got half an hour a day you need to plan for the reality of getting a meal on in half an hour.

That might mean bulk cooking over the weekend, freezer meals, or leftovers.

A new school schedule, after school activities, an unexpected interruption, and your meal plan is out the window.

It’s frustrating, because you know how well meal planning can work.

Putting a rotating meal plan for busy moms on autopilot accomplishes a lot more than saving the time it takes to sit down and meal plan. If you’re a mom, you probably know exactly what I mean: it’s the extra load of responsibility for the family that is typically carried by the mother.

It’s remembering doctor’s appointments, switching out winter clothes for summer, organizing the babysitter for date night.

Perhaps you work from home, and the best time to cook is after the kids are at school but before you need to start working.

Prep or cook supper in the morning, if that’s the time you have.

Cook twice the amount for one meal, and freeze half for later on. When accessing what time you have to cook, also take a look at how appliances can help you. To get even more out your meal planning, be sure to look at Real Plans meal planning app, packed with amazing features to make it even easier to meal plan. She's also a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese medicine, a published author, a wife, and a mom of two.

Emily hopes to make meal planning easier and inspire families to share more meals around the table.


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