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The best way to maintain relationships and respect in the Army is to focus on your task and maintain communication in all situations.This way there would be mutual respect and friendships that last for a lifetime would be fostered.Another reason why respect in the military is important is that it would ensure that the juniors (subordinates) are informed about the missions and its activities.

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Sexual assault has been an issue throughout the Army for a long time.

It seems that with every passing year the number of sexual assaults increase within the organization, causing further concern for the morale and the safety of the troops.

This allows someone to put forth his or her best effort since the Army is a team and each member contributes to the greater goal.

Respecting your fellow soldier means protecting him in all situations, covering his backside when required and clearing the path in order for him to complete the mission.

This should be the case even when one does not like the other for any particular reason or the mission as a whole.

This would ensure that the tasks are done and missions completed successfully.

Most of the military customs and traditions are not held to this regard.

However, we need to uphold our traditions and customs so that we do not lose the sense of pride and duty.

Lack of respect in the Army may hinder development of effective leaders.

This is usually accompanied with the lack of proper communication.


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