My Childhood Memory English Essay

My Childhood Memory English Essay-89
Upon finishing a tearful narrative to my aunt and father, I preferred the comfort of the former’s arms.

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It was a sunny Sunday afternoon and I was off to the park with my mum, dad, sister and newborn brother. From my memory the slide seemed absolutely massive but then I was only three at the time and things do seem a lot bigger from that height. I could hear my mum in the background calling after me. Soon I reached the final step and had a view over the whole park and playground. My mum thought that we should pop to the doctors to have it checked. This was as you might think quite a good hiding place.

This may well have been true if I had put my legs inside the wardrobe and not left them dangling out with my head hidden behind the doors.

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I cried and wanted my mother around, much to my teacher's displeasure.

As the days went by, however, I made friends easily in class and found company.I now realise what a wonderful childhood I have had and at times wish I could relive those days.We all have memories from our childhood that we’d likely rather forget.She told the story of a visit to Antananarivo, Madagascar, where she has relatives, and of an impending incident of bullying.A deeply personal story, at first she was going to write about something a little less private.Finally we left the house and walked the short walk to the doctors.As a compromise for going to the doctors I had brought with me my pad of paper and some brand new colouring pens. Conclusion Suddenly I lifted up her paper the pens rolled off the sheet and onto the floor.Later, my hysteria subdued and guilt temporarily forgotten, I ventured outside to explore the crevices of Antananarivo.The boys were still playing atop the rubbish, then seeing me, scrambled off their mountain and ran in the opposite direction.We played games outdoors, dressed as cowboys and Red Indians and rode about on our tricycles happily. At the age of five years, I had to attend kindergarten and this turned out to be quite an for me.To begin with, I felt very sad having to leave my mother and go off each morning to be amongst strangers.


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