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As a consequence, each branch constitutive relation must give current as a function of voltage; an admittance representation.For instance, for a resistor, I * G, where G (=1/R) is the admittance (conductance) of the resistor.

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Though the node voltage method and loop current method are the most widely taught, another powerful method is modified nodal analysis (MNA).

MNA applied to a circuit with only passive elements (resistors) and independent current and voltage sources results in a matrix equation of the form: For a circuit with n nodes and m independent voltage sources: The circuit is solved by a simple matrix manipulation: Though this may be difficult by hand, it is straightforward and so is easily done by computer.

In the next page we will use these observations to describe an algorithm for generating the matrices automatically.

If you'll recall, the nodal analysis method became a bit more difficult when one or more of the voltage sources was not connect to ground.

Let's repeat Example 2 of the previous page with MNA.

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