Nursing Research Critique Essay

Moreover, the researcher has identified the limitations related to the study sample.

The sample was homogeneous, well educated, health care providers; thereby the research has less applicability to other setting of Pakistan and global contexts.

Coughian et al., (2007) proposes that the degree to which a sample reflects the population it was drawn from is known as true representativeness for the study.

Hence the researcher has not taken the real representatives of the whole population.

Ryan et al., (2007) say that interviews are by far the most common method of data collection and are mainly either semi-structured or unstructured. (2012) says that semi structured interview has few pre-determined areas of interest with possible prompts to help guide the conversation.

Therefore this method of data collection is suites the study design and questions as it guide the participant to answer the area of interest and also to share her experience successfully.This article is published in the journal of Australia "Women and Birth".Coughian, Cronin and Ryan (2007) says that the title of the research should be comprehensive and should be comprises of not more than 15 words.Hirani and Karmaliani (2012) has well defined the problem as "This study will describe the experiences of urban, employed, professional women who breastfeed and the facilitators and barriers of breastfeeding".The author has associated the infant mortality rate with the lack of the privilege of the women to breast feed.Ryan, Coughlan and Cronin (2007) say that in qualitative research, participants are recruited to a study because of their exposure or their experience of the phenomenon in question.Therefore, researcher has done the purposive sampling which is appropriate.In addition to this, in the review of the literature the author has missed to address the total population to whom she is referring.There is no direct citation of professional, paid employed and child bearing age Pakistani women. 36 articles were used from 2002 to 2012, 24 articles were published in the last 5 years and the rest 12 citation were published from 2002 to 2007.Qualitative Critique The article chosen for the Critique is "The experiences of urban, professional women when combining breastfeeding with paid employment in Karachi, Pakistan".It is a qualitative critique done by Hirani and Karmaliani (2012).


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