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Why are you selling these items and what are the benefits to your clients?You may also want to add in any future product or services you plan on offering.After all, a company without a business plan is like a client without a programme – it can’t function to its full potential.

A mission statement isn’t essential if you’re a sole trader, though, as it’s more geared towards employees and stakeholders.

The products and services section of your personal trainer business plan should provide a brief description of what you’re offering and why.

The competitor analysis section should include such key information as: A quick search of their website and social media channels should give you most, if not all, of this information.

If you’re competing with a reputable company, you may also want to read trade magazines for any interesting promotions or news stories they’ve put out.

That’s why we’ve created a list of what to include in your personal trainer business plan.

Personal Fitness Business Plan

The executive summary is essentially a synopsis of your business plan.Again, though, you want to keep this information as concise as possible.One or two sentences on each point should do the trick.Your business overview appears after the executive summary and should include your company’s name, location, target market, and ownership structure.For instance, whether you’re operating as a sole trader or partnership.Running a personal trainer business is a lot like trying to improve your fitness.You need a detailed plan to give yourself the best chance of success.This section of your personal trainer business plan is an opportunity to demonstrate that you know your industry and target market inside out.Your market analysis should outline what your customer’s needs are and how these needs are being met.Check out this article for further tips on writing an executive summary for your personal trainer business.Now we move onto the more granular parts of your personal trainer business plan, starting with the business overview section.


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