Preschool Homework Printables

Preschool Homework Printables-82
(Click the playlist folder button with the arrow on it toward the bottom right if you’d like to quickly select which video you want to watch from the playlist.)Fish Number Sense Rain Number Sense Sensory Play Flower Petal Addition Facts Flower Number Sense Activities Ladybug One More One Less Activity Mat and Recording Sheet Ladybug Number Sense Math Centers Coin Identification Sorting Sheets and Matching Puzzles Dinosaur Counting Mats Jack & the Beanstalk Math Spring Tree Fine Motor Math Beach Theme Counting Mats Roll and Color Summer Math Seashell Numbers Math Mats Counting Worms Cubes Roll and Color Apple Math Roll and Color Crayon Math Apple Counting Mats Roll and Color Easter Math Flower Theme Number Cards Caterpillar Egg Counting Insect Counting Mats Bird Watch Tally Sheet Domino Number Sense Roll and Color St.

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Type your topic in that search bar, and it will search for that word on this page. Each week, as I add new printables to the site, I’ll add them here.

Bookmark this page so you can find it as you move from theme to theme in your homeschool preschool.

If you don’t have it, you can get it free at Use the free printables to supplement your child’s education and make learning engaging for your preschooler.

Pave the road to kindergarten with fun activities to provide valuable practice and teach a wide variety of skills.

These engaging worksheets teach ordering skills, matching, counting, and number lines, which are the basis for future math success.

Create dynamic, custom preschool activity books based on your students' level and abilities that will help them believe in this equation: Math = Excitement!

We also have a wide variety of free printable activities here on Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Take a few minutes to watch videos for some of our free printables.

)Save this post as reference to any time you are looking for a quick printable to go with your theme or classroom environment.

This is the place for simple activity ideas for learning and fun… You’ll need to have Adobe installed on your computer to see and print the files.


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