Privacy On Internet Essay

In this regard, this paper discusses and tackles the important issues involved in Internet privacy of individuals.

a) Background – the rapid spread of Internet use due to lower broadband connections had led to problems regarding the issue of privacy and security in the Web space (Hora, 20).

It often becomes the matter of security not just for an individual but for the whole nation as well.

For them it is extremely crucial and also the matter of life and death to have access to information and find criminals and terrorists.

To whatextent—if at all—do you think the authors are correct about their concerns? The major risk of identity theft is not from computer users but from the companies’ security systems, keeping detailed histories of individual information, such as credit statements, critical social security and driving license numbers.

The internet privacy is under attack through identity theft, which has become so common that more than 10 million people were made target of identity theft in 2005 in the U. This.....some individuals who have no qualms about destroying the lives of other people.

Granted this information is secure and subject to tough laws but still there is no confirmed way of saying that this information cannot be leaked.

Google for example tries to offer a personalized service with using that data.

However due to certain laws ISPs are given the right to check a suspects emails and communication. S v Warshak) did decide that even thought ISPs have the right to access private emails, for government access a search warrant will be required. (Teacher’s Internet Privacy is Necessary (For the audience unsure about internet privacy) Aaron Olson, a Minnesota man, took his uncle Randall Labrie to court on the charge of harassment after Labrie posted in Facebook Olson’s childhood photos taken in front of a Christmas tree.

The Minnesota district court judge Natalie Hudson threw out the case as silly, for no harm was done to Olson by the posting of the pictures.


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