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If the weather cooperates, your normal spaces will be out of the construction zone around January 1.Thanks for your patience, and please let me know if you have any concerns.Sometimes the best form of communication is still an old-fashioned phone call or an in-person meeting. Clearly state your purpose without going into exhaustive detail and description.

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If the information is intended only for a few people, don’t direct it to the entire office.

Examples of when memos can be useful include when they discuss a policy change or a price increase, or when they persuade readers to take action—such as attending a meeting or changing the way things are done.

Whatever the goal, the business memo is most effective when it connects your own purpose with your readers’ interests.

Then you can state that the actual form is attached.

Don’t Miss: 5 Tips for Writing a GREAT Business Survey The tone of the memo should reflect its purpose: Most memos should simply be clear and business-like.


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