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Then follow it with examples in a narration based on the interview answers.

Then follow it with examples in a narration based on the interview answers.

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All your explanations should be based on the interview your conducted.

Lastly, your body paragraphs should not be left hanging on their own.

Ensure that the paragraphs are not in a list of descriptions. Be creative and embark on narration in the form of biography and make it enjoyable.

All information on the given subject should be fashionably presented and focused.

This then followed by informative sentences that work as the springboard for a thesis statement.

On the same note, the subject matter of the profile essay is contained in thesis statement hence it should be started precisely and clearly.In most cases, profile essays are written by journalist students who perform an investigation on an issue.Readers normally get informed from profile literary work due to the vivid description of the information contained in profile essays.Then the sentence or point should be supported by evidence or examples which are discussed, described and explained.A summary sentence follows the explanation for each paragraph. Ensure that the paragraphs are linked by transitions.Paragraph 1: Introduction Ensure that the introduction has a leading sentence or an interesting description of the person interviewed, followed by summaries main points that are informative regarding the person.The points should be a preview of what is to be covered on the person and the order of the elements you will be dwelling on.Have you ever interviewed somebody on a given topic or about an event? A profile essay is a descriptive writing that focuses on the description of a person, place or an event.The essay is usually comprehensive, sensory and balanced detailing on the information on a particular subject hence enables the reader to assume that he or she knows about the subject.This point should be in an informative sentence about the person being discussed.Support your point concerning the information in the first sentence.


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