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In combination with a pressure test by use of a manometer, pathological discs can be identified as the source of back pain (e.g., correlated to black disc in MRI).

In combination with a pressure test by use of a manometer, pathological discs can be identified as the source of back pain (e.g., correlated to black disc in MRI).Disc prolapse The cartilage ring of the disc (anulus fibrosus) tears and the jelly-like core of the disc (nucleus pulposus) herniates into the spinal canal.Disc prosthesis A disc prosthesis is a synthetic substitute for a degenerated disc.

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Disc protrusion The cartilage ring of the disc (anulus fibrosus) protrudes, but it does not tear like in case of a disc prolapse.

Endoscopic surgery Minimally invasive percutaneous surgical technique to treat herniations at every level of lumbar spine Epidural Anatomical space between bone and dura in the spinal canal Facet joint Facet joints are small articulations between adjacent vertebrae, the osseous elements of spine.

Bones and ligaments compressing nerves and spinal canal are removed to achieve pain relief and to cure neurological deficits.

Disc herniation See disc prolaps Discography Using CT or fluoroscopy, contrast agents are injected into the disc to analyze its structure and to get information about pain sensitivity.

Abrasion Special endoscopic treatment - freshening the bony end plate of a painful disc Anulus fibrosus The anulus fibrosus ist is the cartilage ring around the disc, which encloses the nucleus pulposus, the jelly­like core of the disc. in cases of suspected infection Cage The Cage (Cage) is a stable implant. of metal (titanium), PEEK, and very rarely only of carbon.

Black Disk The Signal loss an MRI (T2 sequence) due to the dehydration of a pathological disc generates the image of a dark disc and is often correlated with the clinical symptom of back pain BSG Erythrocyte sedimentation rate. It acts as a disc replacement and is used to maintain the natural disc height and stabilize the spine.

They are written by UK doctors and based on research evidence, UK and European Guidelines.

You may find the Cervical Spondylosis article more useful, or one of our other health articles.

Spondylolisthesis Spondylolisthesis is a kind of listhesis as a result of an innate spinal instability (see also pseudospondylolisthesis).

Stenosis Narrowing, e.g., of the spinal canal or the foramen Surgery The craft, craftsmanship TESSYS Transforamonal Endoscopic Spine System Traumatology Surgical - Surgical treatment of wounds and injuries (soft tissue and bone) Vertebra Osseous part of the spine consisting of vertebral body, vertebral arch, transverse processes, spinous process and condyloid process Vertebroplasty Surgical percutaneous method to treat painful compression fracture.


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