Python Tuple Assignment

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If they are equal, it goes on to the next element, and so on, until it finds elements that differ.

Subsequent elements are not considered (even if they are really big).

Your program should not count spaces, digits, punctuation, or anything other than the letters a-z.

Find text samples from several different languages and see how letter frequency varies between languages.

This allows you to assign more than one variable at a time when the left side is a sequence.

In this example we have a two-element list (which is a sequence) and assign the first and second elements of the sequence to the variables Both sides of this statement are tuples, but the left side is a tuple of variables; the right side is a tuple of expressions.We would encounter a composite key if we wanted to create a telephone directory that maps from last-name, first-name pairs to telephone numbers.Assuming that we have defined the variables , then prints the name and corresponding telephone number.By carefully constructing the list of tuples to have the value as the first element of each tuple, we can sort the list of tuples and get our dictionary contents sorted by value.Coming back to our running example of the text from import string fhand = open('romeo-full.txt') counts = dict() for line in fhand: line = line.translate(str.maketrans('', '', string.punctuation)) line = line.lower() words = line.split() for word in words: if word not in counts: counts[word] = 1 else: counts[word] = 1 # Sort the dictionary by value lst = list() for key, val in list(counts.items()): lst.append((val, key)) lst.sort(reverse=True) for key, val in lst[:10]: print(key, val) # Code: and then sort the list in reverse order.In many contexts, the different kinds of sequences (strings, lists, and tuples) can be used interchangeably. To start with the obvious, strings are more limited than other sequences because the elements have to be characters. If you need the ability to change the characters in a string (as opposed to creating a new string), you might want to use a list of characters instead.Lists are more common than tuples, mostly because they are mutable.The number of variables on the left and the number of values on the right must be the same: As you should expect from a dictionary, the items are in no particular order.However, since the list of tuples is a list, and tuples are comparable, we can now sort the list of tuples.You can pull the hour from the "From" line by finding the time string and then splitting that string into parts using the colon character.Once you have accumulated the counts for each hour, print out the counts, one per line, sorted by hour as shown below. Your program should convert all the input to lower case and only count the letters a-z.


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