Recycling Campaign Essay

Recycling Campaign Essay-36
There’s a lot to be said about improving municipal recycling efforts.It helps to keep public spaces clean, eradicate pest problems, and provide measurable environmental benefits by waste diversion from landfills.

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Towns can distribute promotional materials during collections.

Part of the communication includes reminding residents to never let recyclables enter the trash.

Programs focused on increasing participating help to improve recycling rates.

Below are a few interesting recycling stats from the EPA's latest national survey in 2009, as reported by our friends at Keep America Beautiful: Even towns and cities with small budgets can increase recycling rates and reap financial rewards.

Last year, Chinese manufacturers imported 7.3m metric tonnes of waste plastics from developed countries including the UK, the EU, the US and Japan.

Recycling Campaign Essay

However, in July 2017, China announced big changes in the quality control placed on imported materials, notifying the World Trade Organisation that it will ban imports of 24 categories of recyclables and solid waste by the end of the year. There are concerns that much of the waste that China currently imports, especially the lower grade materials, will have nowhere else to go.The lessons we learn in school can lay the habits of a lifetime, and among the more important lessons we can teach our children is the nitty-gritty of recycling.Recycling needn’t be an add-on to the day’s learning.Despite all the resources, the sad fact is while some schools enthusiastically embrace recycling and sustainability in a structured way, many do not. A wide range of other recyclable items, some of which contain pretty nasty materials, end up being tossed in the general waste stream.Without better education on the hazards of many materials, such as the mercury in fluorescent lighting and heavy metals in batteries and electronic waste, we are depriving the next generation of the knowledge it needs to make better waste disposal decisions.Participation in urban recycling can be challenging but it’s often due in part to the programs in place.We know that city recycling programs need to appeal to a large and diverse population.This campaign against or “foreign garbage” applies to plastic, textiles and mixed paper and will result in China taking a lot less material as it replaces imported materials with recycled material collected in its own domestic market, from its growing middle-class and Western-influenced consumers. This applies equally to other countries including the EU27, where 87% of the recycled plastic collected was exported directly, or indirectly (via Hong Kong), to China.Japan and the US also rely on China to buy their recycled plastic.Every community, city, and town that implements public space recycling programs helps to boost recycling rates and the recycling industry.A few suggestions for evaluating existing recycling programs and ideas that drive more citizen engagement include: Communicate, communicate, communicate!


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