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Howard Bauchner, editor in chief of JAMA and the JAMA Network journals, told us at the time, On May 8, 2018, notices of Expression of Concern were published regarding articles published in JAMA and the JAMA Network journals that included Brian Wansink, Ph D, as author.

At that time, Cornell University was contacted and was requested to conduct an independent evaluation of the articles to determine whether the results are valid.

Every year USAID reports to Congress on the use of International Disaster Assistance funds for local and regional procurement, cash and food vouchers under the Emergency Food Security Program, as well as other funding reports.

As part of our mission to find long-term solutions to hunger in Canada, Food Banks Canada regularly publishes research, analysis, and recommendations with a particular emphasis on federal government policy and legislation.

All of the reanalyses that were verified by Cornell came out identical or nearly so to what had been reported.

The only thing we couldn’t find the original survey instruments (some which were over 18 years old).Reaching out to inform and inspire others helps us to fulfill our mandate.That's why, each year, we produce a number of publications regarding the activities of our organization, hunger in Canada, food bank use, and solutions to reduce hunger and poverty.So I took two flights and a drive to Ithaca, New York, to spend a few days with Wansink.His empire was impressive: Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, which he ran, had its own test kitchens and dining rooms with two-way mirrors. One night, he invited me to his stately lakeside home, where his wife cooked dinner and we all chatted into the night about how his beginnings as a working-class Iowa kid had shaped his libertarian ideology.Particularly among First Nations, Métis and Inuit populations, a combination of low income, the high cost of store-bought foods, and decreased access to traditional foods has contributed to levels of food insecurity that are nothing short of a public health emergency.As tax time approaches, the web is abuzz with advice on smart investing.He found, for example, that people who leave their cereal in plain view tend to weigh more than people who hide it away in a cupboard, and that people eat more when they use bigger plates.Like the junk food he studied, his work had an almost addictive quality.Brian Wansink, the much-beleaguered food marketing researcher at Cornell whose work has fallen under intense scrutiny, has just had six more papers retracted, all from the JAMA family of journals.[See an update on this post; Wansink has resigned, and Cornell has found that he “committed academic misconduct.”] JAMA warned readers about the six studies in April, by subjecting them all to expressions of concern, and followed up with print notices in May.


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