Research Proposal On Women Empowerment

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3) Seminar: A one-day seminar will take place as part of the APEC Women and Economy Forum.

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Alignment – Forum: This project is aligned with APEC Women and Economy Forum’s overall focus on women’s economic empowerment and women’s inclusion in the economy.

In particular, the theme of 2017 APEC WEF is ‘Enhancing Women’s Inclusion and Economic Empowerment in the Changing World’ well matches the objectives and expected outcomes of this project.

1) To identify women entrepreneurs from APEC economies that have been successful in their ICT/smart technology-related businesses, and research and compile their success stories to understand their lived experiences, enabling factors, obstacles and barriers, strategies to deal with those obstacles, and policy recommendations; 2) To hold a seminar as part of APEC Women and Economy Forum 2017 in Viet Nam in which successful women entrepreneurs will share their success stories, and participants will discuss ways to promote the type of women entrepreneurship suitable to the 4th industrial revolution; 3) To create an ‘APEC Women Entrepreneurs in the 4th Industrial Revolution’ online platform in which publications of case cases of successful women entrepreneurs will be disseminated and subsequent interactions will progress; and 4) To develop policy recommendations that will help policy makers to establish and implement policies for nurturing and supporting women entrepreneurship in ICT/smart technology industries.

Alignment – APEC: This project is directly linked to the APEC Viet Nam 2017 theme of ‘Creating New Dynamism, Fostering a Shared Future.’ APEC 2017 clearly states that there is an urgent need to create new dynamism for economic growth and integration in the Asia-Pacific region and that, in order that APEC economies may better use opportunities created by the 4th industrial revolution, SMEs’ innovation and structural reforms are critical.

The guidelines were prepared by Dr Jo Caffery, University of Canberra and inaugural ACIAR Visiting Fellow.

ACIAR invites constructive feedback about research teams experiences in using this document, including what sections were most useful, what worked and what didn’t work.Improving gender equity and empowerment of women and girls are key objectives for ACIAR.ACIAR is committed to tackling gender inequality in research design, delivery and impact.For example, there are reports about successful women entrepreneurs who used to live as mothers and housewives but started up their e-commerce based on their previous experiences.Meanwhile, the 4th industrial revolution has already started, exerting tremendous impacts on businesses and everyday lives in almost all the economies.These reports will contain information on, for example, the women entrepreneurs’ lived experiences, enabling factors, obstacles that they went through, how they overcame those obstacles, mentors, and policy supports.2) Best practices: Through case studies and a seminar, this project will identify best practices in the relevant field and disseminate them through an online platform and seminar materials.In line with the APEC 2017 mandates, this project emphasizes the importance of advancing women’s integration and economic empowerment by harnessing the opportunities and changing environments that the 4 industrial revolution has created.Also, this project addresses the APEC 2017 Host Economy priorities such as 1) Fostering Sustainable, Innovative and Inclusive Growth and 2) Strengthening MSMEs’ Competitiveness and Innovation in the Digital Age by focusing on ICT/smart technology dimensions for women entrepreneurs’ empowerment.Thanks to ICTs, women, who, traditionally, take primary responsibilities for child care and household chores and are thus usually confined to their homes, are freed from such constraints and in a better position to engage in ICT-enabled works.This can increase their employment and business opportunities.


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